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Want to work with us!  We get so many op that its difficult for Fallen Highway Writers to submit to everything.  So we have decided to open up our list of ops to all serious writers that can meet our clients needs.

We have a yearly fee of $500 that will allow you to submit an unlimited number of songs for our targeted ops.

We get ops such as trailers for film, placements in tv shows, ads, songs for artists, placement with indie films, and corporate ads just to name a few.

The package includes:

  • Access to our private facebook writers group

  • List of all ops we are working on

  • Review of your music

  • Submission of your music should it be a right fit

  • Enhancements to Mix and arrangement should it be required to have a better chance at landing the op

  • Facebook Live events to discuss ops and strategies to prepare for submissions


This is only for serious song writers and beat makers.  You must be ONE STOP on all your songs and be wiling to park your song.  You will need to write constantly for our clients requirements.  Most deals will be exclusive in perpetuity.

So this is for writers that don't want to worry about the business side of music and just want to constantly write songs.

There are 2 payment options:

Monthly Subscription $50/month

One Year subscription $500 (2 Months Free)

Record your songs with us.  We have a production team and sesison musicans ready to help create the next hit.

We keep the process simple and you will be kept up to date will all the production steps.  Sent us and email and demo of your production a we will give you feedback and a custom quote of costs.

We start by creating a guitar demo and vocal of your song.  Together we will then decide on direction and what instrumentation is need.

We will take the produciton all the way from tracking to mixing and finally mastering.







By the end of the project you will have a quality product that you can pitch to Music Supervisors, Labels, and Film and TV spots.


The song will always be 100% yours.  Royalty free as we work on a Work For Hire agreement.

Send us an email detailing your project and we will be in touch.

Have a song in production that you need vocalists, mix engineers, mastering or session musicians.  We have a full production team at the ready.  Our professional musicians can help you. 


Send us an email about your projects and we will get the right guys onto your tracks.

Join Our Team

Full Production

Session Musicians

Single Song Submission $35/song

Sync Test Review $20/song

Not sure which is your best song.  A Sync test will get your songs reviewed by A&R music professionals.  They will give you unbiased review of your track giving you feedback on which song to promote to Music Labels and Music Supervisors.  These guys don't have time to listen to all of your songs on an album or EP.  So when they do listen you want it to be your best song.

Email us a link to your song and we will be in touch.

Only have a few songs to submit until your catalogue is large enough to join our writing team.  No problem Like our page on facebook where we will be posting selected ops. 


If you feel that your song is a good fit email us and we will provide you with feedback and submit if it is the right song for our client.

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