Marvellous Merchants - Market Stalls


Every city, town, and village have one. Markets of all types, from food stalls and weaponsmiths to sellers of exotic food and trinkets from far off lands.


Amazing roleplaying opportunities and game hooks lost because buying gear out of a handbook has been a player’s only option. With Marvellous Merchants: Market Stalls, every card becomes a roleplaying event!


60 unique market stalls that a Game Master will randomly draw out of to create a marketplace.

The Music of Erich Zann


The Music of Erich Zann is a Lovecraft inspired set of songs that we have created for everything Lovecraft.  These songs songs have been used in Lovecraftian computer games, RPGs, and more recently in a Podcast dedicated to Mr H P Lovecraft.

We recently released Volume 4 and are in planning for Volume 5.

The Secret Ingredient

Cover Page.jpg

The Secret Ingredient is our first foray into the unknown of a game module development for the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Adventures.  With the development of the game itself we have also tightly incorporated music and soundscapes to add a realism of adventure for players.

The module is well underway and expected to be completed early August with a release soon after.

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh


The Ghosts of Saltmarsh is another album of ambient music and soundscapes inspired by the adventure module of the same name.