What is Syncing?

Syncing is short for Music Syncronisation License. It is where your music is used in

Film, TV Shows, Video Games, Websites, YouTube, Movie Trailers etc.


What a Syncing agent does is submit your music to producers,

artist managers, music labels and more.


Record Labels, Publishers, Film and TV Supervisors tell a

syncing agent what they are looking for and the agent sends them the

songs that they believe fit their needs. If your song is selected a

syncing deal is drafted.


There are other options for placement which include: 

  • You could be picked up by a record label / publisher

  • You may be asked to re-record your song with a big time producer

  • Your song may be placed in a video game or used in videos etc.


Realistically you have to be very lucky to have your music sycned.

However in most cases you will at least get some feedback as

to why your music was not selected and how it can be improved.

Hopefully with this feedback you will be able to improve your

craft and increase your chances of getting a song noticed by a music professional.


It is rare these days that you play a gig and a music producer approaches you and says “Hey how about I give you a Record Deal”. A sycning agent gives you access to music agents and supervisors that would take you years of networking to achieve. Possibly even longer to find the one that’s going to give you a record deal. With a syncing agent you have the means and a better chance at breaking into the music industry.


With a syncing agent your odds are better then they were without one.

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